The Catholic University of America


Dear Student Leaders,

             Community Service has always been an integral component of the law school’s experience.  As leaders of your various organizations it is incumbent upon you to continue this tradition and in doing so enrich your organization, the law school, and the greater community.  In keeping with this tradition, President Garvey has issued a community service challenge to commemorate the 125th anniversary of CUA.   The law school administration is looking to student organization leaders to spearhead the law school’s participation in this initiative.

            This academic year each student organization is required to do one community service project.  The possibilities are endless, however SBA Community Service Co-Chairs Ginny Fuller or Natalie Ware must approve these projects in advance.  Please be creative and try to do something related to your organizations mission.  For example, if you are political volunteer at the polls or if the environment is your cause help pick up trash along a highway.  You may also participate in an already existing event like Race Judicata.  It is important to be aware that the receipt of your SBA funding is contingent upon completion of this project.

            In order for your project to receive approval, at least 50 percent of your organization’s members must participate.  We encourage organizations to work together so that we can maximize the positive effect that our service efforts have on the community.  Approval of projects also depends on what other organizations have proposed.  So, get your proposals together early and try to stay away from ideas that are similar to already existing annual service projects like the Thanksgiving Food Drive and SPIL auction.   In an effort to minimize the number of competing happy hours this year, the Community Service co-chairs will not approve a happy hour fundraiser unless it is accompanied by a physical project.  For example, if you decide to have a happy hour then the proceeds raised should go to buy paint so that your organization can go paint a school, etc.  If you have questions about this policy feel free to ask.

            Finally, the most important part is reporting.  Student organizations must report the names of the participants in their projects and how many hours they completed.  A spreadsheet is attached to this letter and will be e-mailed electronically to the student organization leaders.  The co-chairs will not deem a project completed until a form is turned in. 


In sum, this year please:

1) Get prior approval for projects by emailing (

2) Report back on participants and hours of service.

            We hope that this year we will be a visible example of service in the community.  As the SBA Community Service Co-Chairs, we will assist you in any way possible as you complete your community service requirements.  We will be your liaisons to the SBA and Office of Student Life and Special Events to ensure proper scheduling of service projects.  Should you need additional help in coming up with service ideas, please let us know or contact Joan Vorrasi in the Office of Student Life and Special Events,  We are here to help and support you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or drop by the SBA office with your questions, suggestions, or comments.


                                                            Thank you again for your leadership,

                                                            Ginny Fuller and Natalie Ware

                                                            Community Service Co-Chairs

                                                            Student Bar Association




Community Service Project Form

Community Service Reporting Form