The Catholic University of America


FROM: Luke Moses – Vice President of Financial Affairs


In order for a Student Organization to retrieve money from the revolving fund, they must submit a proposal to the Vice President of Financial Affairs.  In this proposal, you must your reasons for requesting the money and what you will do with it. We will look at a variety of factors in deciding whether to give you the money you request. 


Some of these factors include:

1.     Did you look for funding elsewhere? ABA, BARBRI, Kaplan, etc.?

2.     Proposals that will increase the visibility and prestige of CUA Law

a.     Getting our name out into the legal community at events

b.     Inviting a scholar to speak at our school

3.     Collaborations with other student organizations

4.     Community service oriented proposals


Student Organization Revolving Door Fund Request Form

Non-Moot Court Association Competition Request Form