The Catholic University of America


            The SBA Office was a gift in memory of Daniel R. O’Dea, by his brother, Thomas O'Dea, a CUA Law alumnus ('91) and former President of the Student Bar Association. Originally housed in Room 109, the SBA Office was moved to the larger Room 108 in the summer of 2010 to better accommodate Executive Board meetings and to provide the SBA President, Evening Law Students Association President, and SBA Vice Presidents much-needed desk space. We also share space with the Loan Assistance Repayment Program, which stores its books in a large closet within the office.
Daniel R. O'Dea 1974 -1979
Where We Are
            The SBA Office is Room 108 and is accessible via the Student Lounge TV Room. It is adjacent to the Student Organizations Office (Room 109). We have an open-door policy. If there is a member of the SBA Executive Board in the office, the door will be open, so please feel free to come in!