The Catholic University of America

 SBA Meeting Agenda

August 12, 2012 @ 5:30 pm


I. Meeting called to order by Jennice at 5:30pm

            a. Jennice presiding over meeting


II. Presidents Report

            a. Class Reps

                        i. cc Joan on all class emails

                        ii. Meetings with OCPD- one rep a month, once every month.

            b. Meetings

                        i. times- 5:30p.m.

            c. Keep track of pro-bono hours

            d. Orientation

                        i. Sign up on google doc and contact Tess regarding hours

                      ii. Deans welcome dinner Friday 17th at 7:15pm

                      ii. Tabling ideas - Wednesday 15th during orientation we are             

                      required to table

a. Flyers sign up for elections dates to follow (get Jennice to forward the flyer with list of events)

e. IL elections

                        i. amendments- one rep from each school designated non-LSP     


                        ii. voting- 2 no more than 3 votes. Number of votes should not   

                      exceed number of reps to be elected.



            a. Mentor-Mentee Program

                        i. registration - packets will be left in folders.

                        ii. Ice cream social, September 12th at 4p.m.

            b. Academic committees

                      i. By appointment



            a. Student Org. Fair, September 7th

                      i. Lawn Games


V. Community Service Chair

            a. Crabfest, October 12th

                      i. Fundraising ideas at Crabfest- Photo booth, shirts

                      ii. Unlimited guests

           b. Easter egg hunt

           c. Race Judicata has been eliminated due to excessive costs. (Goal is to  

             raise money for St. Ann's) information to follow in headnotes.



          a. ELSA elections  - same date at SBA elections

          b. Possible Happy Hour on September 6th (location to be       


          c. Financial aid seminar - possibility of receiving an ethics credit.

          d. Spring Fundraiser ideas

                    i. Family day - Mass followed by a picnic

                   ii.Casino/Monte Carlo night