The Catholic University of America


What’s your DOT?
If everyone does one thing to help CUA Law Go Green this year, then together we are making a difference for the environment!
Pledge to “Do One Thing” this year to minimize your impact on the environment.
Just a Few Ideas of What You Can Do!
·        Recycle all recyclables! All around the law school building are recycle bins-please use them. Also, be aware that any trash can with a clear plastic bag (no matter if it looks like a normal trash can or not) is a recycle bin! The bins with the black bags are the actual trash bins. Everything thrown away in the clear bags is sorted and recycled by an off-campus contractor.
·        Take the stairs and reduce the electricity used by the elevator (and get some exercise!).
·        Bring a reusable mug to school, and reusable lunch bags.
·        Do not print unnecessarily. If you must print, print double-sided.
·        Turn off the lights when the classrooms are not in use. 
·        Open the blinds and use the natural sunlight for lighting in the classrooms.
·        Do not overuse paper towels in the restrooms. Those come from trees!
·        Carpool to school/work or take public transportation at least once a week.




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